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The Team

Amanuel Medhanie
Data Scientist

Amanuel founded Parsimony and is responsible for the vision and strategy behind Parsimony's services and growth.

"I started Parsimony because I believe organizations are at their best when they use data to continually improve."

Amanuel attended graduate school at the University of Minnesota where he obtained his PhD and masters in Quantitative Methods in Education. He is also an accredited professional statistician (PStat®).

Jordan Baker
Data Scientist

Jordan Baker is a data scientist at Parsimony, providing expertise on data analysis and software design. “At Parsimony, I’m helping make sure our customers are successful in executing their studies.” Jordan is getting his masters in statistics from the University of Minnesota. He is helping to ensure Kusri, Parsimony's social research platform, meets the needs of users.

Kevin Johnson
Data Analyst

Kevin Johnson is a data analyst at Parsimony, providing expertise on data analysis and communicating statistics to a general audience.  “At Parsimony I’m able to apply what I’ve learned in the classroom to real, and often more messy, data that can have an actual impact on people's lives.” Kevin is pursuing a bachelors in statistics. He has participated in undergraduate research projects focusing on improving community engagement and examining crime data.

Ethan Young
Data Consultant

Ethan Young is a data consultant at Parsimony, providing expertise on data analysis and reproducible research. "At Parsimony, I'm applying my skills and experience in improving the reproducibility and replicability of psychological research." Ethan is pursuing his PhD in personality and social psychology. Ethan's research focus is in how early life stress specializes the brain and behavior to cope with the many challenges associated with chaotic environments. 

Ethan Brown
Data Consultant

Ethan Brown is a data consultant at Parsimony, providing expertise on data analysis and data management. “At Parsimony, I’m applying insights from psychology to create a human-centered approach to doing research and learning from data.” Ethan has a masters in Quantitative Methods in Education from the University of Minnesota, where he is currently pursuing a PhD. His professional background is in market research, customer service research, and usability testing.