K-12 educational institutions are under increased pressure to do more with less. But with a complex web of tutoring services, after school programs, community based programs, computer assisted learning software, and other programs students are exposed to, how do you know which resources are actually moving the needle?

Parsimony’s Educational Impact Report ® shows you which efforts are having an impact, on which outcomes, and by how much. When we generate an Educational Impact Report ® for one of your initiatives you will:

  • Have an answer to the question “does it work?”
  • Know which outcomes are impacted the most
  • Have these answers within days so you can make timely decisions

How does this work with your institution?

We meet with your institution to better understand your goals, mission, and some of the challenges/opportunities you are facing. We obtain detailed administrative and academic student data from your district. We then put your data into our proprietary software application.

When your district wants to calculate the impact of an initiative, you provide us with a list of the students that participated in that initiative.

With this list, and your relevant student data, our data scientists are able to calculate the educational impact of the initiative with a high degree of accuracy. After each Educational Impact Report ® our staff meet with your district leaders to present the results and think collaboratively about the implications of the results as well as possible next steps.

What makes the Educational Impact Report ® unique?

Unlike dashboards which only describe data, our proprietary process uses sophisticated algorithms and trained data scientists to calculate the impact of a particular initiative/program on a set of student outcomes, and presents the findings in layman's terms.

Here’s an example of the type of result you can expect to see from your Educational Impact Report ®.

Of course, you can get similar results by hiring a highly qualified outside consulting firm. But that can cost tens of thousands of dollars and take several weeks or months to complete. By contrast, the Educational Impact Report ® can be created with the same level of accuracy, within days, and for less cost, allowing your district to focus its resources on impacting students.

The Parsimony Team


Amanuel has a Ph.D. in educational psychology with an emphasis in statistics, and is an accredited professional statistician. He has a wealth of experience estimating the impact of educational initiatives on a variety of student outcomes and has published over 24 articles in peer reviewed journals.


Jordan has an M.S. in statistics and is an expert in statistical programming as well as implementing and training machine learning algorithms.


Eric has a Ph.D. in educational measurement and statistics and has over ten years of experience evaluating educational initiatives and has served as a director of Research, Evaluation, and Assessment at a large public school district. He has presented data at several school board meetings, and regularly meets with principals and other educational leaders to identify their data needs. Eric advises Parsimony.


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