Educators are expected to utilize data to inform their instruction—that is, to know what is and isn’t working for their students. However, the rush to make all educators data experts can detract from their most important task: teaching students.

We strive to provide educators a quick and accurate answer to the question “What impact is this effort having on students?” This empowers them to concentrate on educating, while feeling confident in their efforts because they have data to back up their decisions.


Through our proprietary process, we can use data about students served by one of your initiatives to seamlessly provide a thorough, user-friendly report of its impact on student outcomes.



When an educational initiative serves a truly unique student population, impacts hard-to-measure outcomes, or takes several years to have an impact, a customized impact evaluation is necessary. We help educators know the impact of initiatives like these.

What Our Customers Say

“Minneapolis Public Schools strongly believes in making evidence-based decisions about what’s helping students achieve their potential. To accommodate the increased demand for evaluation within MPS, our district has hired Parsimony on several occasions to provide quantitative evaluations of various educational programs within the district. Parsimony has always provided timely, affordable, and high-quality evaluations that help us make important decisions about the future of educational initiatives within the district.”

Eric Moore
Chief of Academics, Accountability, Innovation, Research and Equity | Minneapolis Public Schools

I used Parsimony for a complex and evolving statewide evaluation project. Amanuel and his team provided great upfront consulting on design and measurement and they worked with my team to make sure we were collecting data that would answer our main questions. They were incredibly efficient in their programming and data analysis, allowing us to customize local and regional reports across the state. One of their attributes that stands out most to me is that they have incredibly high ethics in their overall approach and in their billing See more practices. They were willing to work with us toward our goals, make adjustments that fit our project and only billed for the direct services they provided. They consistently came in on budget and sometimes under. I would use their services again and would highly recommend them to anyone seeking a true partner in data collection, analysis, and evaluation.

Dawn Reckinger, Ph.D
Manger | Family Home Visiting | Minnesota
Department of Health