Data Science

In today’s business climate, data is everything. Data helps businesses and organizations understand their customers and clients, unlock the market, predict future trends, and identify areas of the business that can be improved and streamlined.

Here at Parsimony, we’re ready to help you transform your raw data into real results that will propel your business or organization towards sustainable success.


Most small businesses manually create the same reports over and over again. This process is time consuming and many reports have errors in them.

Parsimony can create automated programs that generate hundreds of reports within minutes.


Most business owners gain their insights through anecdotal evidence and their own experiences. Intuition isn't perfect and can sometimes lead to false assumptions and disastrous results. Parsimony can remove the guesswork by creating customized scalable solutions that automatically identify significant trends at the click of a button.

Data Cleaning

The average data analyst spends 70 to 80% of their time cleaning data. Data experts should be focusing their time on using insights to help your business grow.

Parsimony can automate data cleaning accurately and efficiently, freeing up time to focus on growth.

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The custom code we create for
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