I Help Small Consulting Firms Delight Their Clients With Data

I Help Small Consulting Firms Delight Their Clients With Data


While I initially set out to become a child psychologist, I was a little intimidated by the idea of studying statistics. I quickly came to appreciate the power of statistics and psychometrics, however – so much so that I pursued a master’s and Ph.D. in quantitative methods and became an accredited professional statistician.

But the prospect of a career spent writing research papers for an audience of researchers never appealed to me. I was always far more interested in bringing the benefits of these tools and techniques to the people on the ground.

This interest led me to found Parsimony (named for parsimonious statistical models, which are both simple and have great explanatory or predictive power). At Parsimony, I work to provide consultants with top-notch quantitative services that answer their clients’ questions while minimizing complexity, so the results can be put to good use.

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Research Design

Even the most sophisticated statistical techniques cannot make up for a poor research design. I enjoy helping consultants create studies that balance practical considerations with the pros and cons of different research designs.


As an accredited professional statistician, I enjoy continuously learning about new statistical techniques and the proper way to apply them to help consultants provide their clients with clear, usable data that will wow them.


I regularly apply my graduate training in psychometric theory and techniques to help clients understand the quality of the questionnaires and other data collection instruments they use.

The Parsimony Difference

With Parsimony, you can trust that the process will be smooth, the work will be top-notch, and the deliverables will be easy for you and your clients to understand.